Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sunrise at the Beach

I would say, going to watch a sunrise at the beach is the best way to start any one's day. The only problem is waking up at 5:30. Alright maybe its not as good as I once thought, lol. Anyway its a lot of fun with great friends.

In the Car on our way, as light slowly crept into the sky

My friend Gabe who was meeting us there pulled up right behind us. The funny thing about that is he drove up right behind us just the night before on our way to our grandmothers house, But then he was just leaving work.

Yeah, we made it before she rose. (probably the first time ever)

Gabe starts eating :)

Me and Gabe, still waitin

There it is!!!!(if you can see that)

Unfortunately, the sky wasn't the clearest but it did make it nice and cool

Best place to veiw it by far!!!

Gotta love this photo.

The sun is about to show.......again!!!!

This was the most the sun came out all day, which made the water very cold. We stayed till 9:30 but still no rays of sun. Although we had fun, most of it was not in the sun. :)