Sunday, September 6, 2009

Always Ready

I recently finished reading Always Ready by Dr. Greg Bahnsen. Bahnsen is a master at laying a concrete epistemology Foundation. Always Ready hits hard on the evils of neutrality and the foolishness of unbelief. His literary work really teaches you how to defend the the faith and intellectually be Always Ready to give an answer.

In one section of the book he writes how we need to be aware of the unbelievers assumptions of metaphysics (nature of reality) The following is an excerpt from Chapter 28, Bahnsen writes:

"Imagine that you have a colleague at work who graduated from college and fancies himself somewhat intellectual about matters of religion. According to him, there is no God and no spiritual realm (or spiritual events, spiritual forces) whatsoever. This physical world is all there is to reality. Moreover, this colleague finds it intellectually impossible to accept the Christian outlook because in contains what he deems logical contradictions within itself (say, that God is one yet three, or that God is loving and all-powerful but there is evil in the world). According to him, we cannot know anything to be true which conflicts with the laws of logic. The veiled problem in the thinking of your colleague is that his view of reality (metaphysic) does not comport whatsoever with his view of knowledge (epistemology). He can not simultaneously and consistently be committed to the laws of logic and the view that reality is solely physical in nature. You cannot touch or taste a law of logic; nor could you identify one with a sophisticated instrument devised be a physicist. Laws of logic are not physical, and thus given your colleague's perspective, laws of logic are not real anyway"

I love these types of arguments, they build us up in the faith and teach us how to be strong intellectually and "always ready" to give an answer. I think it is important for Christians to keep a constant read list to make us ever more passionate for truth. I recommend this book to everyone. But I would not recommend it as a bed time story. I found it required a pretty high concentration level.

I Hope you enjoyed my mini book review. May God bless you.