Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Hunt For Gollum

I know that few of my readers share the same passion for The Lord of the Rings that I do, but I had to post this, simply because I am so excited about it. :) This is a "fan film" that is nonprofit, and was made by non-professional filmmakers in their spare time. Plus, they did it on a on a budget of $3,000. Everyone is going to be able to watch it May 3, on the Internet, for FREE!

If you are wondering where in the LOTR timeline this takes place, it is adapted from elements of the appendices of The Lord of the Rings. The story follows the Heir of Isildur (Aragorn), who is the "greatest huntsman and traveler in Middle Earth" as he sets out to find the creature Gollum. The creature must be found to discover the truth about the ring and to protect the future ring bearer (Frodo).

I wanted the trailer on my blog, but you need to see it in HD

Well, I cant wait for this! Tell me if you want to see it, and maybe we will organize a viewing or something. If you want to see the website, Here it is!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Keep Listening Folks!

Just in case you haven't been watching Mr. Schiff on youtube, Watch these!

I can't think of anything to add to this except, BE READY!! I'll close with this quote from Jefferson...

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free.... it expects what never was and never will be."

- Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Peter is Back! (and I'm not talking about spiderman)

Peter Schiff’s gives us another look at the economy. (If you didn't see the first one Click Here!)

Voddie Baucham Says:

"As if this isn’t bad enough, Schiff’s sound economic philosophy is still being mocked. He’s beating the drum against the “stimulus” package as Senators pat themselves on the back for cutting the bill down from the $820 billion House version to $827 billion (Senate math is fascinating). This is like an episode from the Twilight Zone. Buckle your seatbelt as the other shoe drops:"

I'm not going to give the usual, "Don't be alarmed" speech. Be ready!! Get your money out of the U.S currency! Sell your real estate! Get passports! Buy one of the only solid currency's left , Silver and Gold!! I'm not saying run scared, but have a plan!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jam at the Stone Family's House

I'm Back! I hope all of my readers will come back too! It's been over a month since I've posted, and my blog has suffered some major neglect. I hope that I will be posting more frequently from now on, but I can't make any promises because my schedule is very full. Well here we go!
A couple of weeks ago, we had the privilege of attending a jam at our friends, the Stones, house. It was a fun night filled with lots of music, friends and food....

A few of the Fiddlers

I cant remember what was going through my mind :)

Emily Stone

This is like, "Oh! someone is taking my picture!"


I had a really hard time getting my Guitar out of there :)

Gabe's little sister, Michelle

Who are you looking at??

Everyone looks so happy!

Another group shot... If you notice, I am looking very hard across the room trying to read the fingers of the other guitarists.

A good shot of Dad

Becca on her fiddle

This fits! The End! ;)
When you want to stop playing a certain song, you put your foot up. Then, everyone stops at the end of it.
Well thats the end of the pictures. I hope you enjoyed them! As you have probably guessed, I did not take them. My wonderful sister took all of the pictures and video, and was gracious enough to let ME post them! Thank you Lauren!
I know the sound quality is not the best, but I hope you enjoy them anyway.

I hope Anna doesn't mind being the center of attention. Like I say, Lauren took these not me :) Enjoy!