Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Man Bag

A recent trend for many guys is to carry "messenger bags" or "man bags". I have found that many guys have tagged right along with this recent change (including myself), while others are still tentative to use this accessory. Before I go over the different points of view, lets talk about their history!

Messenger/man bags are not a new addition to a men's apparel. Throughout most of history, messengers used over-the-shoulder bags to carry messages and goods. In fact, men carried bags over there shoulders before women did. Even to this day, Royal Mail Carriers in the United Kingdom use large messenger bags to deliver mail. Almost every war had couriers that delivered messages in bags.

Some people don't agree with men wearing bags because they think it makes them look effeminate. I think this can be true. It all depends on how you wear it and what the bag looks like. If you are a guy thinking about carrying one and are worried about this, find one made from distressed leather. Problem solved.

You might say, "Well thats nice, but why carry a bag today?" Men carry them for many different reasons but my main reason is this: I usually like to carry around more stuff then will fit into my pockets. It's that simple.

Here is a list of the things I usually carry around....

_-keys (my keys now hang off the side)
_-digital camera
_-camera charger
_-sometimes my iphone (but usually stays in pocket)
_-ipod/iphone USB
_-spare ipod nano
_-set of earbuds
_-another set of earbuds
_-tin whistle
_-business cards

_-decorated notepad (thanks to Michelle, Gabe's little sister :)
_-a few misc. cables
_-assortment of pens and a pencil
_-Gum (thanks Lane)
_- iphone's Otterbox belt clip
_-iphone cleaning cloth
_-box cutter
_-always my 16gb Flash Drive...

Those are the things that I almost always have in my bag. I also sometimes carry...

_-Day Timer
_-bank deposits
_-change of clothes
_-My Bible (I always carry my i phone's Bible)
_-my friends things that have been left at my house ;)
_-things to give to other people

(This is another bag that I'm planning to use
in the future)

I could go on about things I sometimes carry, but I think you get the picture. It is true that I may not use all those things all of the time, but many times, it's nice to have them on hand. I hope you enjoyed this! Tell me if you did!

What do you think about "Man Bags"?

Boston 7/2/09