Monday, August 25, 2008

Wedding Extravaganza

We recently made it back from our 9 day trip to Louisiana. My camera (not even 60 days old!) quit working out of the blue while we were there. Thankfully it is under warranty, so I couldn't take any pictures for most of the trip. Lauren took most of the pictures with her camera and she did a great job as you will see. :)
Our original plan was to leave Saturday morning, but we didn't get on the road until after 2:00 due all of the work we had to get done before we left. OK... Picture Time!!

Here's Lauren in the car.

At the time this seemed to be the cheapest price for gas we would find but on the way back we found $3.35, but my camera quit working.

I thought this was cool! Ive never seen so many different color fire hydrants..... Maybe I don't get out much....

Our first stop was Birmingham, AL where we visited a nice family integrated church and spent time looking at the area for a possible move in the future. We all agreed in was one of the prettiest towns we have ever visited.

Just a neat looking building

We also meet up with some old friends (the Butler's) in Birmingham. They were gracious enough to invite us to their home and show us a little more of Birmingham.

Now we leave Birmingham and go on to the main part of the trip. Here is the Mississippi river; It was the first time I had seen it so thought I would blog it.

Here is Aunt Melanie at the Jackson House in Monroe, LA. This is where almost all of the wedding preparations took place. It was also where we stayed for almost a week.

Taking a break from hard work.

I think everyone there voted me the best cookie decorator..... Not really

Here is Rachel! Finally, a true cookie craftsman. Actually, there were four or five people that worked on the cookie decorating (after they had all been made from scratch).

Rebekah putting wedding favors together.

Here they are, all finished and ready to go! There were 200 in all!!!

Dad and I tracking tropical storm Fay. I'm sure you all can picture how worried Dad was with 3 houses to take care of and not being able to do anything 1000 miles away.

Rachel doing some baking.... I cant remember what it was but it sure looks tasty!

Jenny, Rachel and Rebekah's cousin, was polishing the silver.

Some of the gift giving.....and Rebekah trying to get a picture in the corner. lol

Everyone looking on while Albert and Rachel open gifts.

Here's the church after much decorating and flower arranging.

Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner discussion.

Don't worry, its just the rehearsal.

This was down below the church where we had the rehearsal dinner. I am waiting for a call to light the candles.... They might of had me wait too long down there.

L to R: Sierra, Jenny, me. Just having fun while they finished the rehearsal.

I had to post this a arrangement because Lauren arranged it herself; an absolutely beautiful job.

Mr. and Mrs. Atkins.... Rachel's grandparents. I had the pleasure of having a theological discussion with Mr. Atkins about Eschatology.

OK, The main event is here and I'm ready to go.

Waiting for the wedding to start.....

Mother of the Bride.

Flower time!!! AND......

The Bride!

It was a very God honoring wedding.

Yeah!!! And no one fainted!!


Wow, who spent the time to arrange them so perfectly!! I think you can see me... er the guy who arranged them in the background.

The FOOD!!

Food + Art!!

Cutting the cake!

Lauren was good enough to serve it for everyone else.

Dad was also serving.

The get-away car!!


Sierra! Also Rachel and Rebekah cousin.

Tara and Rebekah!

We are ready with the birdseed!

Yeah, there was bird seed everywhere not just on them.

Back over the Mississippi on our way home!! Well that's it! It was great fun and I already miss you all. I posted 50 pictures but there were over 500 that we took! It took hours to edit them and selcect some for my blog. So if you want to see more you will have to come over to our house for a visit. :) or check out Lauren's blog when she gets her vacation post up.