Sunday, November 30, 2008

Poll Results and an Announcement

It looks as if Tuesday Wins. So I guess I'll go ahead and set up a chat session every week on tuesday at 8:00. I will be in the chat room till 8:30 if you are running late. :)
Winning Raod Chat Ext.
Password is: 123

What are the best days for a group chat?

Monday-3 (37%)

Tuesday-5 (62%)

Wednesday-1 (12%)

Thursday-3 (37%)

Friday-2 (25%)

Saturday-0 (0%)

Sunday-1 (12%)

Votes: 8, Poll closed

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Peter Schiff was Right

This guy knows economics.

2006 - 2007

Monday, November 24, 2008

Poll Results

For the record:

What is your favorite thing about Autumn?

Cooler Weather-7 (63%)

Changing Leaves-4 (36%)

Different Wardrobe-4 (36%)

Thanksgiving-3 (27%)

Fall Menu-2 (18%)

Other (Specify Above)- 0 (0%)

Votes:11, Poll closed

I voted for Cooler weather and Different Wardrobe. :) You can tell we are a bunch of Floridians!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Day at Work with Gabe and Me

I decided to post some before and after pictures of a landscaping project that I do every year or so for one of my best costumers. This year she left for the weekend and told me what work she wanted completed while she was gone. She has one of the nicest yards that I have the pleasure of working.

I made a mistake and didn't take any before- before pictures.
This is what it looked like after Gabe and I spent about 6 or 7 hours working on the project.

Scrapping up the old mulch


Gabe is working hard. At this point we are almost ready for mulch. And...

The mulch is a pretty big improvement, but I should have taken a picture of the yard before we trimmed everything


The Final Shot.

On a previous occasion I installed the river rocks around the beds. I was happy that I figured out the right amount of mulch down to the last bag!! It was really amazing, first time for everything, right?!? Next time I do a big landscaping job, I'll get some better before pictures, before we start working! Hope you enjoyed it!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Poll Results

For the record:

What's your favorite sport or sports to play?

Football-2 (16%)

Baseball-1 (8%)

Soccer-1 (8%)

Paintball-3 (25%)

Tennis-3 (25%)

Golf-0 (0%)

Track and Field-3 (25%)

Bowling-2 (16%)

Other-2 (16%) -We had two, very avid Swimmers.

Votes:12, Poll closed

I voted for Paintball, Football, and Tennis. ;)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Paintball Shoot Out

Well here I am again with another post. I know you're amazed- its not about politics! First, I want to thank Gabe and his family for hosting it. Secondly, I want to apologize for the few, and, quite frankly, bad pictures. Not acceptable :-/

Exploring the Field.

Getting ready.

Setting up.

Guy Art (left gun is mine, right gun is Gabe)

Jeff coming in from the field!!

Waiting to start something. -_-

Hey did you see when I ______. Oh, but you weren't there when ______.

This is after I got into heavy crossfire. My hands got hit so many times my insides started coming outside :P.

Blue Jeans Gabe comes out next.

This is the barrel we all had a hand in painting (more on that later).

Head Shot!
Hey, who you shootin at.
Ninja sword included!!

The quality of this video is also not very good, but I did the best I could (with dirty hands and not much light). I hope you enjoy it. Oh and so you know who's who the winner of each round is listed first. I promise I will do a better job next time. ;).

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why We Lost On November 4th and Some Words of Hope

If you are still scratching your head wondering why Barack Obama won the 2008 election, I have the answer:

Last night John McCain said ...."But offering our next president our goodwill and earnest effort to find ways to come together to find the necessary compromises to bridge our differences and help restore our prosperity...."

.....Blah blah blah

I think you know what I'm driving at. John McCain was constantly saying we want to work with these people. How can we work with people that hate everything we stand for! It is impossible to beat liberalism by working with liberals. We must destroy liberalism by standing on Biblical principles and never crossing the isle.

The people of this nation will still vote for sound principles. Look at the CA and FL pro-marriage amendments. Both states voted for Obama, yet they both voted to keep marriage between a man and a woman. You see, when Biblical principles are plainly set before the people, they will still vote rightly (even in CA).

We have four years to rebuild conservatism. It was not on the ballot yesterday (unless you voted for someone without a fighting chance). If John McCain had won yesterday we would not have this chance. Centralism and modernism would have continued for another four years and at the end we might lose it again to someone even more liberal than Obama.

We have four years to rebuild. Let's not waste a single day. Spread the word.

-- Joseph A Hope