Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Broken Promises

I want to apologize to my readers for not posting recently. I have been working on a few posts, but have been very busy lately. Just what has been keeping me so busy may show up in later posts... We shall see.

In the mean time, I thought some of you would enjoy this...


*Emily~Rachael* said...

if you were REALLY sorry, you'd finish Emily's Sandwich ;)
juuuuuust kidding :D

Olivia Christine said...

Right on Em! :D JK! It was funny though! :D

Becca Elizabeth said...

hahaha that was funny! xD

Posts in the works eh? Well you need to take lots of pictures at b-ville and make it your next post, a GIANT POST! BARBERVILLE!!!!!! :P

See you at Barberville!

Joe said...

Ow! That hurts man! (Just kidding). That's the funniest Mac ad I've seen so far :-) It's true that Vista (in its early days) was a flop, but 7 definitely restores the PC to proper working order (although Google OS might change that;-) Speaking of 7: have you tried it out yet? I'm planning on getting my copy sometime in December - I can't wait.

Great post Joseph

Joseph H. said...

I have not tried Windows 7 yet! My Mom gets a free copy on her PC cause she bought it within the upgrade date. I'll wait to it before I buy it then decide. :)