Friday, November 13, 2009

Food, Inc.

Recently, our family watched a new movie called Food Inc. This film is extremely eyeopening as it describes where the vast majority of our food comes from. It goes into great depth as it documents the reasons why a hamburger costs less than a bag pf apples. It dives into topics like the dangers of E Coli and how they bathe meat in ammonia to kill bacteria.

Do you really know where your food comes from? I thought that I had a pretty good idea until I watched this movie!

Basically, most of the food in grocery stores comes from a few major companies that control how the food is made and who it is made by.

Although the people who made the movie did not appear to be Christian, they did seem to understand that food left in its natural state (the way God created it/ planned for us to eat it) is best. However, they mentioned "evolutionary design" a couple times. (Please.... now I've heard it all!!)

Aside from the humanist aspect of the movie, it's a great film that everyone in this country should watch! You'll never look at dinner the same way!


Rachel said...

This sounds like my kind of movie. Did you ever see Super Size Me? It´s more the documentary addressing the fast food industry which is in cahoots with the advertizing industry.

Gabe the fiddler said...

im gonna look this up....i like this!

Becca Elizabeth said...

I saw the trailer for this....SCARY! I need to see the whole thing.

I am glad my family eats mostly organic..... B-ville post next??? ;)hehehe jk

Jean Marie said...

BARBERVILLE POST!!!! :D Coming up soon? :D

~ Jean Marie

Becca Elizabeth said...

Yes, Joseph! I know you said you weren't, but please do a Barberville post! See, I am not the only one who wants it ;) Muhahaha!

poor Barberville.... *sob*