Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Fluoride Treatment

NOTE: I know I've been out of the blogging sphere for quite some time now. In the past few months I've been quite busy, as you have probably guessed. I plan on doing a catch-up post soon, but for now I have written a post I had planned on writing a month ago....

Fluoride. You know, that harmless, helpful additive found in toothpaste and our water supply. We've been told it's an essential mineral that prevents cavities and helps maintain healthy teeth. Right? ....Right?


First of all, there are no recorded benefits of fluoride. In fact, there is far more conclusive evidence that it is indeed harmful. The fact is, fluoride is a cumulative toxic waste that is more toxic than lead! It has been banned in 13 countries like Germany, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Italy, and Austria to name a few. It causes birth defects, cancer, osteoporosis, and it can actually cause your teeth to erode and discolor.

So, if fluoride is really a terrible, harmful toxic waste, why do we put it in our water and toothpaste? For decades we have bought the lie of fluoridation. This lie has not only weakened tens of millions of immune systems, but has lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths. Federal health agencies have known these facts for years, but they have been controlled by manufactures to keep it a secret. Manufactures of what, you ask?

In the 1920's, aluminum manufacturing was booming due to aluminum cans. Dealing with large amounts of toxic fluoride waste was a growing problem. Fluoride waste was very costly to safely dispose of. ALCOA, an aluminum company in Pittsburgh, decided they needed to find a way to cut some of their costs. At the time, a man by the name of Andrew W. Mellon was over the jurisdiction of the U.S Public Health Services. He was also a founder and major stock holder of ALCOA.

So, in 1931, a PHS dentist was dispatched to 300 small towns in Texas where wells contain organic, natural fluoride. His mission was to determine just how much fluoride people could tolerate without taking damage to their teeth. He found that people's teeth were often discolored and eroded, but he also reported that they apeared to have fewer cavities than average.

I think you can probably connect the dots. This group of people (and others) devised a plan for this apparently worthless product. They launched a propaganda campaign to sell fluoride to the masses in toothpaste (despite any real evidence that it is beneficial). Apparently, they weren't making enough money on their newly launched sales campaign of selling fluoride in insecticide and rat poison.

In 1945 the American Dental Association decided to pump water into the Grand Rapids to do an official 15 year comparison study to determine if there really were benefits from fluoridation. But six years later, 6 more American cities were given the go ahead to pump fluoride into their water. The so called "15 year" study was abandon after only six years and the results were inconclusive.

Thus, manufactures of aluminum turned this once costly drag on their companies into a huge money maker.

Also, note that there are 2 types of fluoride. Calcium fluoride is found naturally in plants and water. The fluoride being added to our toothpaste and water is not calcium fluoride, but sodium fluoride, hydrofluorosilcic acid, or silicofluorides (all three are toxic wastes).

Have you ever seen the warning label on a tube of toothpaste that says "keep away from children". If a child ingested an entire tube of toothpaste, the dose would likely be fatal.

The first occurrence of fluoridated drinking water was found in Germany's concentration camps. The Gestapo was worried about little children in the camps getting NO! They used sodium fluoride to sterilize people and force them into a calm submission.

I could go on about the negative effects that fluoride has on our bodies, but I think you get the picture. Fluoride has been in dripped in our American water supply for close to 50 years and our toothpaste just as long.

So what should you do? I recommend buying toothpaste and mouthwash that doesn't contain fluoride. (Try

I'd also recommend finding a filter that will filter it out of your water (something we have yet to do, as it can be expensive to find filtering systems that do). In case you were wondering, Brita filters aren't much good, but they do make the water taste good!

Anyway, I hope I didn't scare anyone too badly. Awareness is good though, right? You can click here for the article, 50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation.

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GraceElizabeth said...

I find it hilarious that my cousins and I were exclaiming over this very thing after we somehow found the definition of fluoride in the dictionary. We all blinked in shock... and then my little cousin yelled- 'Mom! You can never take us to the dentist again!' And then we laughed. It is pretty crazy that fluoride is so dangerous.... we stopped letting the dentist give it to us a while back, mainly to save money, but apparently that was a good thing for another reason! No more disgusting fluoride at the dentist, for the win. ;-)

Ashley said...

Wow, this is fascinating. And disturbing. It's pretty horrifying to think of all the horrible chemicals and things that go into our bodies as a result of the unethical and greedy behavior of people who are in power. It's equally comforting to know that God is sovereign. Even if our bodies were to function at 100%, we would still die physically as a result of our own sin. Only Jesus - not perfect health - can save us! :-)

Michele said...

Great Post Joseph and Great point Ashley.
Mom and Aunt Michele

Anonymous said...

I found your blog recently through Emily Elizabeth's.
Yikes! I remember even taking extra flouride when I was little because our city didn't have flouride in the water. We get filtered water here in Dubai, which I don't believe has flouride in it (thankfully!).
It's quite scary, all of the chemicals we put into our body thinking they're good.
At the same time, you hear so many contrary opinions it's hard to know which is right (coffee is one example). The studies here seem to support your conclusion, though. But we do also have to take into account that tooth decay comes from things other than Flouride as well...

Benjamin Serven, Foodie said...


Excellent post. Would you mind if I copied your post to my blog? Shoot me an email @ Thanks!


Gabe the fiddler said...

yeah...Ive heard for a while already that flouride is basically poison!!!!!...hmmm, we used to buy some non flouride toothpaste from Melaleuca and from other health food stores, but...we're back to the BAD ONE :( ...

Joseph H. said...

Thank you all for commenting on my blog!


We also stopped letting the Dentist give us the Fluoride treatment. Its such a battle every time. I think they ask you 8 times per visit. Back then, we were cutting costs... But I'm really glad now. :)


It is quite fascinating at what the human body can take. You would think with all the many harmful things that we are exposed to we wouldn't last 10 years.

Very true! Love you!

-Drum beater:

That's really good that the water is not Fluoridated in Dubai. It should make up for the extra you had when you were a kid... :) (actually I have no idea what the factors are on that! I couldn't resit playing doctor though) lol

Oh yes, There are many factors of tooth decay. People had bad teeth before they started adding fluoride to the water. There is a lot of disagreement out there about this topic. But If you spend some time on the website I posted at the end, It doesn't leave a lot of room for debate.

-Benjamin S:

Thanks for adding it to your blog!

PDM said...

Excellent write-up, continue spreading the word.

Fluoride is detrimental to your health as has been extensively documented in the 2006 National Academy of Sciences report on the subject as well as scores of peer-reviewed studies. Without going into detail, I would just say for those interested there is a series of write-ups on the topic that can be found here

Melanie said...

Well said! We stopped using products with flouride some years ago when my mom came across the dangers of it, but I had never read how it all started before.

For anyone looking for a good toothpaste I would highly recommend Young Living Essential Oils Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste ( Our family has noticed a huge difference since we have used it... and so did our dentist. My younger brother went from what our dentist would rate a C to an A+. The only problem is that Young Living Essential oils is set up as an MLM, but my mom is a distributor if anyone is interested.

Thanks for sharing!