Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Circa History Guild

On our way to the SOS conference in Cincinnati we stopped at the Weathers' House for a visit. Thanks again Weathers family for your gracious hospitality. Before we left Alpharetta GA., on our way to Cincinnati, we visited the Circa History Guild.

The following 4 pictures are items that were in the John Adams mini-series!

The election box

Messenger bags!

I really liked these chess boards...

the ol' copper Indian

A woman teaching her children... Not something you see everyday in stained glass.

Dad enjoyed this one. Can you tell?

Thank you, Mr. Potter, for telling (and showing) us all that neat history!


Jenna said...

Hi Joseph!

Thank you for sharing the neat pictures. History is so fascinating... It makes me think of all the wonderful creations of God! :)
I hope you and your family are doing well!

Many Blessings,

L.T.W. said...

Come back anytime! We enjoyed it!

Jeff said...

absolutely fascinating! thanks for sharing those Joseph! History is so amazing! we are so spoiled today! I cannot comprehend how things were done back then, it literally blows my mind. Reagan was there?? :)

Becca Elizabeth said...

I am actually starting to believe you have stopped abandoning your blog......
Wow! That looks like a really neat place. I bet there was a lot of cool stuff there!
Messenger bags!hahaha

Keep the posts comin' ;)

Miss Jocelyn Tzahala said...

I know this is rather old, but I was looking for some photos of your sister for her interview (thank you for taking the fountain photos, btw), and I had to comment about the chess boards..... very cool. I like chess and am always fascinated by the different pieces and boards people have created.